Piconomix FW Library (px-fwlib) 0.10.0 released


  • Upgrade to Doxygen 1.9.2
  • Update and ordering of Doxygen documentation (inspect px-fwlib/doc directory)
  • Massive clean up effort to make coding style and naming convention consistent
  • First class citizen support for Arduino Uno, ATmega328P-XMINI, ATmega328PB-XMINI and ST Nucleo64-L053R8
  • Rename “px_defines.h” to “px_defs.h”
  • Major upgrade from px_dbg to px_log module (with optional VT100 color text support)
  • New utility modules: px_ascii, px_btn, px_dbg_ft, px_sbuf (do yourself a favour and have a peek at these)
  • New device drivers: px_max31855, px_lis3dh
  • Upgrade px_log_fs to mark records as archived, for example after a record has been succesfully uploaded to an internet server
  • Harmonised px_gpio function names, e.g. px_gpio_pin_set_hi() changed to px_gpio_out_set_hi()
  • Experimental px_gfx window object system (work in progress)
  • More than a year’s worth of bug fixes and tweaks

An early Christmas present. Happy Holidays!

P.S. Sincere apologies for changing APIs and breaking existing code bases! I hope that most of it is easy to fix with search&replace.
P.S.S. Smoke testing was performed on all of the examples and apps but if you find a bug, please let me know.
P.S.S.S. Love it or hate it? Either way, feedback is much appreciated 🙂

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