• Scorpion Board features

  • Command Line Interpreter running on Scorpion Board

  • Scorpion Board connected to Sparkfun sensor

  • Pressure & Temperature Data Logger

  • Voltage Data Logger

  • Piconomix FW Library documentation

The foundation of piconomix-fwlib is knowledge and freedom: the knowledge and freedom to use the right microcontroller for the job and not trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

piconomix-fwlib is a collection of open source C firmware and documentation for microcontrollers to develop portable bare-metal code that is vendor and architecture neutral (or easier to reuse). It is tough to find the best compromise between lean 8-bit targets, middle-of-the-road 16-bit targets, and resource rich 32-bit targets, but this cross-platform library aims to provide a good foundation before you are forced to add target specific code and getting locked in.

It includes tutorials, examples, quick start guides, recommended best practices and full featured real-world applications.