Logging temperature with Maxim DS18B20 1-Wire sensor

My 12 year old son needed to manually log temperature for 12 hours as part of a school science assignment. I saw this as a great opportunity to demonstrate my incredible engineering skills assist him as a responsible and caring parent.

Yes I know, with an Arduino the job would probably be finished in 5 minutes flat, but where’s the fun in that?! Besides, I’m old-school and stubborn 🙂 I whipped out my ATmega328P  Scorpion Board and crafted a portable 1-Wire bit bang C module and DS18B20 driver (project download link).

Here is a screenshot of the CLI running on the board:

And here is the data graphed over 24 hours. The sensor was resting outside on a brick window sill, which explains why it does not reflect the actual ambient temperature well.

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