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7.4 How to install and configure Tera Term (an ANSI/VT100 terminal emulator)

1. Introduction

Tera Term is an easy-to-use ANSI/VT100 terminal emulator for the Windows operating system that supports serial port and telnet or SSH connections over TCP/IP. It has a multitude of features, one of which is an easy-to-implement XMODEM-CRC protocol to transfer files (see px_xmodem.h : XMODEM-CRC receive module).

2. Steps

Here are the steps to download and configure Tera Term:

2.1 Download and install

Click HERE to download Tera Term.


Tera Term can auto detect which variant of XMODEM protocol to use (checksum, CRC or 1k), but it can also be preset in the TERATERM.INI file. To open the file for editing, select "Setup > Setup directory..." and click the "Open File" button:

Search for "xmodem" and change the "XmodemOpt" setting to "crc":

; XMODEM option (checksum/crc/1k)
; Binary flag for XMODEM Receive and ZMODEM Send (on/off)

While you are modifying TERATERM.INI, you can also change the default BAUD from 9600 to 115200:

;     Baud rate

After modifying and saving TERATERM.INI, close and reopen Tera Term for the new configuration to take effect.

2.3 Select serial port and communication settings

Tera Term can now be set up to use the correct communication settings. Make sure that a device is connected that has been assigned a COM port. The Device Manager utility can be used to figure out which COM port. Right-click "Start (Windows icon bottom left of task bar) > Device Manager":

Back to Tera Term... select "Setup > Serial port...". Select the correct COM port, 115200 BAUD, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit and no flow control:

My personal preference is to set the font to "10 point Consolas" and the Terminal size to 132 x 40.

After you are happy with the settings, it can be saved with "Setup > Save Setup...". Tera Term will now automatically start with the correct settings.