Piconomic FW Library 0.4.2 released

The answer to life, the universe and everything…

If you can beg, steal or borrow an Atmel ISP programmer, then you can use the Arduino environment to develop on the Atmel AVR Atmega328P Scorpion Board. An Arduino on Scorpion Board guide, Optiboot bootloader and example sketches have been added.

If you own an Arduino Uno board, you can now try out the Piconomic FW Library risk free without abandoning the creature comforts of the Arduino environment. You can use the existing Optiboot bootloader to upload code. I have added a getting started guide for the Arduino Uno. There are examples, including a CLI (Command Line Interpreter) Application that creates a “Linux Shell”-like environment running on the Arduino Uno so that you can experiment with GPIO, ADC, I2C and SPI using only Terminal software (for example Tera Term)… it is really cool!

CLI (Command Line Interpreter) executing on Scorpion Board

CLI (Command Line Interpreter) executing on Scorpion Board

Please try it out and let me know what you think.

Scorpion Board and Piconomic FW Library receives good reviews

The author of ScienceProg and EMBEDDS has written a few nice articles about my previous generation board (the Piconomic AB111-4 Atmel ATmega128L board) and I contacted him to let him know about my new board and updated FW library. He wrote a glowing review (EMBEDDS – FEATURE RICH SCORPION BOARD) and I’m extremely flattered. Thanks Mindaugas!

The author of Electronics-Lab.com has also posted an article Electronics-Lab.com Blog – Atmel ATmega328P Scorpion Board. Thanks Mike!

I even found this post on a Japanese blog called StartBit, wow!! Thanks Yuki! It looks like he was impressed with the CLI application that looks like a Linux Terminal. You can use Google Translate to get a basic idea of the content.



Piconomic FW Library 0.4.1 released

  • A “How to understand and modify Makefiles” page was added
  • Updated to Doxygen
  • Renamed “_P()” macro to “PSTR()” which, after completing a whole thought revolution, seems to be the most sensible name after all.

Piconomic FW Library 0.4.0 released

After years of underground research, experiments and development in the heart of dark Africa (involving copious amounts of blood, sweat and tears; mostly mine), I am proud to announce the immediate release of 0.4.0 from the prison of my (somewhat porous) mind.

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