Move from SourceForge to GitHub and Piconomix FW Library 0.7.0 released

After a cold dark winter sunny spring has arrived (in the southern hemisphere).

This is a major new release with a move from SourceForge to GitHub. Some highlights:

  • Complete redesign of peripheral driver APIs (GPIO, UART, SPI & I2C)
  • Complete overhaul of Doxygen documentation with section numbering added
  • Use of standard types (e.g. uint8_t, int16_t, bool, true, false, etc.)
  • Basic support for monochrome graphics
  • 3rd party libraries included (ChaN’s FatFs, STM32Cube)
  • Extensive support for Arduino Uno R3 (tutorials, examples, apps & documentation)
  • Architecture support for STM32L0
  • Vanilla Forum hosted at

Included in the new release is a revamped CLI App (Un*x-like Command Line Interface) for the Arduino Uno R3 to experiment with GPIO, I2C, SPI and ADC:




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