I2C through a Grove device

I bought a Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino from Seeed recently. It has 11 Grove devices. I enjoyed learning about Grove. Now I want to use the Grove LED as a first step on my PX-HERO. I broke the LED unit out of its motherboard (they're designed to snap out) and used a Grove cable to connect it to the Grove connector on the PX-HERO. The LED is lit at about half intensity. In the CLI, I do an i2c rst, then an i2c info. It shows the SCL and SDA as 1. But i2c scan shows nothing...


  • Hi Michael,
    The Grove connector on the PX-HER0 board is limited to +3V3 I2C devices only. See the PX-HERO manual section 9.3.9 "Seeed Grove I2C connector" on page 25. It does not support +5V connections and I2C communication. In that section you will see that I had to short two pins on the LDO to make it compatible.
    You will also have to check if your LED daughter board is actually an I2C device. I think that the Grove standard has support for different interfaces, not just I2C.
    Best regards,

  • Thanks, Pieter. I'll post what I find out.

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