I'm trying to build the flashing LED example. The Project Explorer shows the project under the examples folder. The documentation says, "A common mistake (for me at least) is trying to execute a project related command without the project being selected, for example pressing the F5 keyboard button to refresh the project, but the project does not have a light blue background (indicating that it is selected)." That's exactly my problem. When I click on 'flashing_led' in the Project Explorer, it turns a dark blue and I'm not able to set the set BUILD_DEBUG active in Project|Build Configurations because 'Set Active' is grayed out.

My question is "How can I select the project"?


  • Hi Michael!

    Welcome to the forum 😃

    Here is a screenshot where I have not selected the project and the "Set Active" menu is greyed out. You will also notice that the build (hammer) icon is greyed out as well:

    Then I click on the "gpio" text to select the project. The "gpio" text gets a light blue rectangular background when it is selected. The build (hammer) icon and the "Set Active" menu becomes active:

    I hope that helps! If not, please share screenshots. There may be subtle differences between the Windows and Mac version that I'm not aware of.

    Best regards,



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